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Website reorganised

Welcome to my revised Website. Much has remained the same, but there are are also a few changes and plans for the future. Enjoy reading!

The most important change is the new comments function. In the sections "News" and "Texts/Blog" you can now directly respond to articles. I'm looking forward to interesting feedback! The menu structure has been simplified. The section "News" contains short items on significant developments in my work. The section "Texts/Blogs" will be expanded in future to contain thoughts, notes and other texts about topics that I'm working or or that I fi-nd interesting. The section "Material" is meant for presentations, course materials and similar.

The site is bilingual, but it is impossible for me to translate all articles. Therefore only the articles in the "News" section will be published in an English and a German version. Texts in the "Texts/Blog" section, on the other hand, will generally be only in one language, so that the English and the German blog sections have completely different content. The section "materials" is identical in both languages.

The reorganisation of the website was related to an update of the software, Joomla 2.5, which required a number of adjustments in the background anyway.

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