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EGU: Presentation and poster now online

My oral presentation and my poster at the General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union are now available (see also the overview over our EGU conference sessions).

EGU conference sessions: programme is online

The programme of the General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union (EGU), including the two sessions that we have organised, is now online. The session on measuring the surface temperatures of Earth will take place on Monday and Tuesday (8 and 9 April), the session on impacts of boreal wildfires on the troposphere follows on Wednesday (10 April).

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BORTAS overview paper published

The overview paper for the BORTAS project has just been published. It introduces the background and setup to the BORTAS consortium, which aims to "Quantify the impact of BOReal forest fires on Tropospheric oxidants over the North Atlantic using Aircraft and Satellite". The paper is open access and currently in the open review and discussion stage in the BORTAS special issue of the journal Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (Discussions) (ACP(D)), and interested colleagues are invited to comment.

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Patterns course starting again

The open studies course "Patterns in Nature" starts again today (14 January 2013) and will run for 10 weeks every Monday evening. We will review and discuss a number of pattern formation processes that can be observed in nature. More details about the course, and the course material, can be found on the page Patterns in Nature (OLL Jan-Mar 2013).

10000 years climate and human history

Title of the Magazine Kijk 12/2012

The effect of climatic changes on human history is the topic of the article “10.000 years of powerful climate” by Marysa van den Berg in the current issue of the Dutch science magazine Kijk. The author had interviewed me about the topic and quotes me several times with comments about climate history. This carefully researched article, beautifully illustrated by Marco Lap, gives an overview over many interesting phases of human history which I have also discussed in my course Climate and human history, starting about 10,000 years ago, when the warmer and, more importantly, more stable climate of the post-glacial period made the transition to a sedentary farming livestyle (“neolithic revolution”) possible.

Position paper: surface temperatures - towards an integrated understanding

New on the EarthTemp website: the position paper arising from the first EarthTemp workshop isnow online. It details the main recommendations that are, in our view, useful steps towards an integrated understanding of the variability and change of the Earth's surface temperatures.

Two conference sessions at EGU Vienna 2013

The programme committee has now approved two conference sessions, on "Taking the surface temperature of the Earth" and on the "Impact of boreal wildfires on tropospheric chemistry", which I had submitted to the General Assembly of the European Geoscience Union (EGU). EGU conference sessions need at least 20 talks and posters; I will now, together with the co-conveners, advertise these widely in my networks and look for contributors. The conference takes place on 7-12 April in Vienna.

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Website reorganised

Welcome to my revised Website. Much has remained the same, but there are are also a few changes and plans for the future. Enjoy reading!

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Impressions from the EarthTemp meeting

The first images and impressions from the EarthTemp meeting (25-27 June 2012) are now on the EarthTemp website. There is an elephant in the room - who can see it?

Special Issue of Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP)

Special Issue of the scientific journal "Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP)" has just been launched. By the end of next year, this issue will contain the publications from the Bortas project. Editors are (besides myself) Bryan Duncan (NASA), Paul Monks (Uni Leicester) and Rob MacKenzie (Uni Birmingham).

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