New website "principia": observing and understanding natural phenomena (in German)

Observing and understanding natural phenomena - this is the motto of principia. The new website (in German) is dedicated to patterns, structures and other phenomena that you can observe around you. It is curated by Andrea Kamphuis and Stephan Matthiesen.

Exactly 10 years ago, in December 2008, we started to describe patterns, structures and other phenomena regularly and explain the underlying mechanisms on Science-Texts, the website for our editorial office. We will now continue on principia. The archive of existing articles has been moved and will disappear on Science-Texts in the near future, the URLs will be redirected automatically.

As Andrea Kamphuis has taken up a new position and will no longer work freelance, I will take over the Science-Texts website and use it to inform about my work as scientific editor, translator and author.