Algacraft: a new biotech startup for algae research and applications

With several friends I am now a founding member of a new startup company: Algacraft LTD. Unicellular algae are a promising area for many future applications, from carbon capture to mitigate atmospheric greenhouse gas increases via the treatment of waste water and organic waste to the production of nutrients, food supplements and pharmaceutical substances. We develop a modular bioreactor for research that can grow many samples automatically in parallel under individual conditions. This saves time and effort. We will also provide this as a service to research institutes and commercial companies. The CEO ist Máté Ravasz, the trustees are (in alphabetical order) Daniel Budinov, Jiří Jirout, Stephan Matthiesen, Máté Ravasz and Matjaz Vidmar. Algacraft LTD is registered in Scotland private limited company under the number SC637776