1816, the Year without a Summer - Talk in Nuremberg, 15 Oct 2018

On Monday, 15 October 2018, I will give a talk (in German) on "Climate and history: 1816, the year without a summer" at the Naturhistorischen Gesellschaft (NHG). After the eruption of the volcano Tampora, Indonesia, in April 1815 the following year 1816 was a "year without summer" in Europe with cool, wet weather. This presentations discusses, what we know about the impact of the volcano on the world climate, and what this event meant for the people.

The presentation will be at 19:30 in the Katharinensaal of the City Library in Nuremberg (Am Katharinenkloster 5).

More information on the relation between climate and human history can be found (in German) on my website Klima und Geschichte.