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Polar weekend: activities and information about the poles

On 8 and 9 March 2008 we organise a Polar Weekend family event at Our Dynamic Earth. Hands-on activities and presentations give people of all ages the opportunity to learn about important topics in polar research. I'm organising the event for the Edinburgh and South East Scotland Branch of the British Association for the Advancement of Science within this year's National Science and Engineering Week.

Besides coordinating the event, I will also bring my own stall. It features again the demonstration experiment that we used at the Royal Society Summer Exhibition. It shows how dryer conditions in Arctic wetlands - one aspect of ongoing climatic changes - can lead to the decay of organic material in the soil, leading to additional emissions of carbon dioxide. This is one of the feedback mechanisms that can accelerate global warming. Another experiment allows visitors to test how snow cover is involved in another feedback: snow-covered regions absorb less solar radiation and therefore heat up less than snow-free regions.

Poster zum Polarwochenende 2008
Poster für das Polarwochenende - zum Ausdrucken und Verteilen gibt es auch ein PDF (299kB).

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