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Greenhouse gases and surface temperatures at EGU (17-22 Apr)

At the next General Assembly of the European Geoscientific Union (EGU) in Vienna (17-22 April 2016) I will again contribute to two sessions. I convene the session on greenhouse gas fluxes on local, regional and global scales using atmosphere, ocean and biosphere measurements.The EarthTemp session on measuring the surface temperatures of Earth, which I convened in previous years, is also in the programme again; this time Darren Ghent (Uni Leicester) is the main convener. The sessions are part of the work within the Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Feedback Programme and the EarthTemp Network.

Climate and History: Cultures in the 22nd century AD - Talk in Nuremberg, 18 Oct 2017

On Wednesday, 18 October 2017, I will give a presentation at the Society Society for Natural History (NHG) in Nuremberg on the Crisis of the civilisations in Antiquity around the 22nd century AD. At this time, the Old Kongdom and the Akkad Empire collapsed. Climatological data show a drought that affected manz parts of the World from North Africa to India and China. What happened to the climate, and how did it affect civilisations?

The presentation is in German and will start at 19.30 in the Katharinensaal of Nuremberg's City Library, Am Katharinenkloster 6.

World Climate Day in Nuremberg, 7 Nov 2015

On Saturday, 7 November, an information day will be held in Nuremberg, Germany, about the forthcoming UN Climate Change Conference in Paris. I contribute with a presentation about the scientific background, and will take part in a panel discussion. The event takes place from 14.00 in the Künstlerhaus Nürnberg.

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Climate impacts on human history: Presentations at the Society for Natural History, Nuremberg, in 2016

In 2016 I will again contribute to the programme of the Society for Natural History (NHG) in Nuremberg, this time with two evening talks on the impact of past climate changes on human history.

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Greenhouse gas joint meeting, 2-4 Nov 2015

The Greenhouse Gases Emissions and Feedback Programme is organising Joint Greenhouse Gas Meeting in Edinburgh on 2-4 November 2015; we expect about 100 attendees. The third day, Wed 4 Nov, is an inclusive meeting to connect with the wider research community, it is free and open to every researcher interested in greenhouse gases and not restricted to project members. Monday and Tuesday are internal progress meetings for the three projects within the programme. For information and registration, see the GHG Website.

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